Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lindora - The latest service purchase

This week we joined the Lindora program.

So far we've each paid about $900 (this after a 30% Summer Sale discount and a referral discount) for a 10 week program that promises we'll lose at least 10% of our body weight.

After witnessing the amazing results my mother-in-law (Consumer # 2's mom), we were convinced it was time for us to do something about our unhealthy weight.

We had previously tried Weight Watchers. We did lose about 10% of our body weight on that too and it cost only about $100 for each 10-week program. But this was back in 2002, and it took us much more than 10 weeks to lose that 10%. 

I do like the fact that Lindora provides individualized attention, rather than the 12-step program, AA meeting reminiscent Weight Watchers program that seemed to be geared more towards group meetings than individualized planning.

So far we've each had our blood drawn on Tuesday, test results and vitamin supplement regimen discussed with us today, and we officially begin "dieting" on Tuesday, after a long weekend of "prepping." This prepping period is critical for those people that have had the good fortune to keep their gallbladder in spite of common stones that apparently most other "heavy" individuals experience. So we need to eat fatty foods over the long weekend in preparation for a 3-day high protein-only diet to get us in what Lindora call "ketosis" (aka: fat burning mode).

We'll periodically report back on the of this service purchase so stay tuned!

--Consumer # 1